JacXson U70 : New customers and demos !

The JacXson is in Hong Kong !

The JacXson U70 has made its way to Hong Kong ! Demos will be scheduled over there starting in March 2023 giving to aviation professionals of the area a chance to witness the U70 system’s capabilities firsthand. Those “under-wing” demos will showcase the system’s efficiency, speed, and ease of use, all of which are essential for ergonomic and fast aircraft engine and landing gears changes.

A JacXson U70 at Air Canada !

Air Canada is currently testing the U70 system, with a unit now located in Montreal. The unit will move to Toronto on February 20th to train operators on a second site. At Toronto, they will have the opportunity to operate soon the U70 for A220, A320, B737 NG & MAX engine changes!

Vueling operates a JacXson U70 on a daily basis !

Vueling Barcelona has been using the JacXson U70 for 7 months now, through a leasing financial solution allowing to smooth out the costs of implementing the system, making it even more accessible and cost-effective for airlines.

New Demos at United and Delta in the USA !

The U70 system also underwent successful demos (B757, B737NG , A320) at Delta and United in the USA. Both companies have expressed their great satisfaction with the system’s performances

New Sale to Airbus !

eXcent is also proud to welcome Airbus as the new member of its JacXson familly further cementing the U70 system’s place in the aviation industry. 

The leading aircraft manufacturer, recognizes the potential of the U70 system !

This will bring up to 10 the number of U70 units dispatched all over the world ! These systems have now proven their worth by making aircraft engine changes faster, easier, and more efficient. With more and more units expected to be deployed in the near future, the U70 system is set to transform the way aircraft maintenance is conducted. With its innovative features, superior performance, and growing popularity, it is poised to revolutionize aircraft maintenance !

Let’s do this together ! 

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