JacXson U70

A single solution for all your needs

No adaptation kit needed / Plug & Play

45 min engine removal / installation

No cable on the ground

Breakthrought technology

The JacXson U70 is a smart trolley dedicated to aircraft engines and landing gears change operations. 
This equipment not only reduces time and costs around AOG operations, improving significantly operations flexibility, safety and OPEX.

  • Full compatibility on single aisle aircraft engines : no accessory needed (all in one system)
  • Dimensional adaptability (arms and forks spacing), no adaptation needed for shipping stands
  • Autonomous omnidirectional motion
  • High precision lifting pitch and roll management
  • Engine - pylon preload management
  • Accurate motion < 1mm/s any direction
  • All parameters real time feedback on 10 inches touchscreen
  • Automatic monitoring of load and position
  • Support freedom for docking operations reproducing bootstraps pendulum effect
  • Digital control through a user-friendly HMI
  • 2 progressive action joysticks control
  • Remote maintenance (3G, 4G, Wifi connectivity and geolocation)
A340 inboard Engine Removal

JacXson U70

Unrivaled Engine Changing System

JacXson U70

Landing gears changing

JacXson U70

Easy & flexible control

  • The JacXson U70 is operated by a single person thanks to a mobile panel that allows controling all the functions necessary for engines installation and removal operations.
  • The user-friendly menu system allows easy and intuitive handling manipulations. The HMI has been especially designed so that the JacXson can be handled within 15 minutes by any new user.
jacXson U70 mobil panel

Additional equipment : JacXson U70's trailer

  • Optimize the JacXson U70 transportation within the apron
  • The JacXson U70 connects and lifts onto the trailer thanks to its own embedded functions
  • Driven by a standard truck, up to 10km/h (6.2mph), overpassing floor defects and usual obstacles (cables...)

Safety features & remote maintenance

  • Remote maintenance and geolocation for diagnostic / update / real time status (3G, 4G, Wifi connectivity and geolocation)
  • Overload protection feature
  • Control of the preload to prevent any damage
  • Real time of the CoG load to ensure perfect operations stability and accuracy

The JacXson suite of capabilities is adaptable to any business sector thanks to a generic interface system.
It can handle already existing accessories (cradles, trolleys, stands…) or customized interfaces can be developed on demand for any specific needs.

jacXson U70


jacXson U70


jacXson U70


Technical data

jacXson U70 technical data


jacXson U70 performance

Technical features

Aircraft engines applications

Aircraft landing gears applications


Single Aisle and Wide Bodies

The JacXson U70 is dedicated to single aisle programs. The JacXson XL, in development progress, will be specialized in wide-bodies aircraft engines swap.