JacXson T25

Modular Assembly lines


Equipped with a tailored interface dedicated to your needs



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The JacXson T25 is a very flexible MGV / AGV dedicated to handle industrial assembly lines equipments thanks to a tailored interface designed for a specific need. It offers a mobile workshop solution dedicated to drive and handle the industrial product through its assembly line.

  • Omnidirectional motion
  • Powered by electric batteries (lead)
  • Ergonomic, friendly and easy to use
  • AGV & MGV mode
  • Tilt range : +/- 10°
  • Lift range : 0.4 to 1.5 m
  • Accurate control of lifting, tilting, speed and movements

Modular & scalable assembly lines

  • The JacXson T25 is an eXcent tooling designed to build modular & scalable assembly lines
jacXson T25

Boosted Productivity

  • A smart trolley which boosts your productivity & fits to your needs.

Dedicated Interface

  • Dedicated Interface adapted to your requirement

Technical features

Technical data