JacXson XL


The big brother of the JacXson U70 is on the way !

R/I of any kind of WB Aircraft engine in a few hours is not a dream anymore

This breakthrough technology has been especially designed to perform Wide-body aircraft engines swaps within a few hours. The JacXson XL not only significantly reduces AOG time and maintenance costs, but also improves operations flexibility, safety, ergonomics, and at the end of the day: aircrafts operating rate.

  • Full Compatibility on all WB engines. No accessory needed (All In One system)
  • 2 independent modules becoming one single device: easy storage and logistic, allied to an unrivaled operations safety level
  • Dimensional adaptability, quick and easy configuration to adjust to any kind of shipping stand
  • Remote controlled omnidirectional movement
  • High precision lifting, pitch and roll management
  • Digital control through a user-friendly HMI
  • Remote maintenance (5G, 4G, 3G, Wifi connectivity and geolocation)

One Remote - Two Modules

  • The two modules of the JacXson XL are ergonomically operated by a unique remote control. Once they are connected to one another, displacement modes are automatically switched to an accurate mode which allows extremely precise motions: < 0,1 mm/s (0.004’’/s).
  • A user-friendly HMI grants a perfect management of all the functions required to fastly and securely R/I the engine, and provide realtime feedback information.
  • As his little brother the JacXson U70, the XL can be handled within 15 minutes by any new user.

Additional equipments

JacXson XL trailer

  • Optimize the JacXson XL transportation within the apron
  • It can be towed by a standard truck, up to 5 km/h (3.1 mph), overpassing usual floor defects and obstacles (cables...).
  • Easy and quick bolting connection between the trailer’s modules and the XL’s structure.

JacXson XL access

  • Secure and ergonomic access to the engine / pylon connection areas.
  • Specifically designed for the JacXson XL for a safe R/I of any WB engines.

Aircraft applications

Technical data

Technical features