Landing Gears Swap : The JacXson New Capability !

eXcent is thrilled to announce that the JacXson U70 is now allowing to swap any kind of Landing gears (NLG / MLG, Single-aisle and Wide-Bodies aircrafts) thanks to a single and simple interface.

Easy to use, cheap, and securing operators and environment, it offers to install or remove any kind of landing gears with similar performances as for engines, reducing an already very short ROI (Estimated at 20 Engine changes). Less than 50 minutes to Install or Remove an A330 main landing gear.

The operation itself, drove by the amazing smoothness and accuracy of the JacXson, is as ergonomics as for engines.

Just have a look at the quick video enclosed !


  • Engine changing operations performed around the world by operators discovering the JacXson for the very first time have been conducted in less than an hour.
  • Demonstrations on various Engines/Shipping Stands combinations including A320s and B737s (LEAP, CFM56, V2500, PW1100) have been carried out.
  • Lufthansa and Tarmac Aerosave entrusted the JacXson and now use it on a daily basis in their facilities.
  • JacXson U70 already certified by Airbus on the whole A320s NEO and CEO Family. 737 NG and MAX certification ongoing.

The JacXson complete compatibility on Single-Aisle aircraft engines, its accuracy, its mobility as well as its adaptation free process (handling engines through its own shipping stand), make it the best possible way to perform engines swap today.

The JacXson already traveled many miles, reducing drastically AOG time and providing higher flexibility and safety when performing engine changes but it’s only the beginning of the road.  

With its landing gear added capability, the JacXson enters today into a new dimension.

This is just another stone to the JacXson edifice, aiming for a bigger goal : Optimizing drastically MRO Operations.

More are coming soon, the JacXson line of product will not cease to surprise you.

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