eXcent continues its development on the American continent

eXcent announces the signature of an exclusive distribution agreement for the JacXson U70 on the American continent with National Aero Stands (American company, world leader in the aircraft engines leasing market). This distribution agreement also includes the sale of the first JacXson U70 series.

eXcent has designed the JacXson product line as a key time and cost saving solution for aircraft engine maintenance. Combining great improvements in ergonomics and operational safety, the JacXson U70 allows the installation or removal of an engine requiring only 2 operators in just 45 minutes.

eXcent group has invested  18 months and nearly € 1.5 million in equity for its development. A collaboration with the company Spherea was conducted for the development of the electronic system of the product. The JacXson U70 has obtained Airbus certifications on their A320 CEO and NEO programs.

Specifically designed for the MRO market, the JacXson U70 meets the needs and challenges of airline companies forced to reduce the time of presence on the ground of their fleet (AOG: aircraft on ground). The growth of the aeronautical maintenance market is estimated at more than 4.6% per year over the next ten years. eXcent’s positioning in this market is therefore a real opportunity for the development of the group.

Established since 2008 in the United States, we have chosen to work with a local distributor, leader in its market, to accelerate our sales in the particularly competitive MRO market. We expect the sale of nearly 15 JacXson in the next 2 years. “

Laurent DELERIS, International Development Manager – eXcent Group

JacXson U70 Key figures :

  • Load capacity: 7 tons
  • Battery capacity: 12h
  • Movement precision: <1mm
  • Time and resource for the installation / removal of an engine: 45min and 2 operators
  • Time saving: 90%

One of the first meetings for the JacXson on US soil is scheduled for next April at the Atlanta International MRO Show with National Aero Stands. It will be exposed as a preview-showing to demonstrate its time and resources saving performance in engines maintenance operations.

National Aero Stands was founded with the purpose of providing aircraft engine transportation stand support for all segments of the aviation industry including but not limited to aircraft and engine lessors, lessees, airlines and MRO’s. With over 200 engine stands that support 25 engine types: AE3007; CF34 family; CF6 family; CFM56 family; GE90; JT9; LEAP1A &1B, PW2000 & PW4000 family; RB211-535; Trent 700; Trent 800, V2500 A1/5; pricing structured for long/short term leasing. We are the only non-engine operator that offers the Trent 800 Rollover stand for lease, that was ordered specifically to meet our customer requirements. Our stands are strategically located in Dallas, TX, Miami, FL, Rockford, IL, Rotterdam, NL and Bournemouth, UK. https://stands.aero/


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