JacXson U70 specifications

JacXson U70 :The new game changing solution

Engine changing system

The JacXson U70 is a game changing solution allowing to perform safe, fast and ergonomic operations. The JacXson U70 avoids using cranes and secondary lifting or handling systems. The JacXson U70 has been especially designed for engine changing operations, but it is adapted to various other equipment such as landing gears or nacelle cowls.

The JacXson U70 can support existing equipment interfaces (cradles, trolleys, stands …) or a dedicated interface can be developed accordingly.

This tool main functions are:

  • Autonomous omnidirectional movement
  • Precision lifting and tilting with pitch and roll management
  • Automatic and safe management of the engine preload
  • Support freedom (for docking operations)
  • Digital control: Smart HMI 8’
  • No adaptation kit needed
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